Spotted T's Riding Blog


Welcome!  So glad you stopped by! 

I have been blessed to have supportive parents and friends over the years that have assisted my desire for playing with horses.  The passion started at an early age and has continued for... a few years.  I've been fortunate enough to attend and later work at a children's horse camp, be mentored by Hall of Fame horsemen, compete at multiple levels, work for real cattlemen, ride the best horses in the world and own many of them. 

 I have a wonderful group of friends now, scattered all over the world as well as in my own back yard.  I invite you to join us on our adventures and create some of your own. 

In the links at the top you'll find stories about my horse back rides and those of my friends.  I've also included a page for training tips, which are just ideas that I use.  The final link is a link to my new book that I finished this spring.  Take a look!


 Thanks for coming by!